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Example of Authorization Letter to apply for Canadian Passport for somebody

When you are busy in your work, business, training, or study, and you just don't have the time to go in person and apply for a Canadian passport, you can either apply by mail or let another person (such as your wife, mom, dad) apply for your passport in your behalf. When you apply for Canadian passport through the mail, it will take 20 business days excluding postal delivery time. The form can be downloaded from Passport Canada website ( or pick up from a Canada Post office. You need to complete both pages of the passport application form and sign and date both forms. Submit with your application two passport photos. Include your fee thru credit card, cheque, or money order. You need to submit proof of Canadian citizenship (check required documents written on the form). When renewing your Canadian passport, you will need to submit your old passport together with the application. Once you have everything that is required, mail your application and wait.

When you are a busy person and do not have the luxury of time to apply in person in any of the Passport Canada Regional Offices, you can let someone go in  your behalf and apply in person. The processing time is only 10 business days, which is half of the time when applying thru the mail. In my case, I have my wife apply in person for my Canadian passport. You will need the requirements mentioned above plus a signed Authorization Letter To Apply For Canadian Passport. Below is an example of this letter.

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Example of Authorization Letter To Apply For Canadian Passport

02 July 2012

To: Passport Canada
Re: Authorization Letter To Apply For Canadian Passport

Dear sir/ma'am:

This letter is to authorize my wife, Jeane Smith, residing at #700-3500 Pasaporte St., Toronto, ON, M4M 5A7, to apply for the renewal of my Canadian passport in my behalf. I am unable to go and apply in person because of tight schedules in my work. I have called your office last week and confirmed that it is possible for my wife to apply in person for the renewal of my Canadian passport provided that I give her an authorization letter.

My wife has brought all the requirements for my passport renewal, these include:
   a. completed and signed both pages of the application form;
   b. two (2) identical passport photos taken within the last 12 months;
   c. my Canadian passport issued within the last six (6) years;
   d. documents showing proof of my Canadian citizenship;
   e. fees for passport renewal.

Thank you for your consideration.

John Smith
#700-3500 Pasaporte St.
Toronto, ON, M4M 5A7
Tel. no. 416-123-4567

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Results of your efforts in recruiting Canadian or Permanent Resident nannies

Before employers can hire or sponsor a foreign live-in nanny, they are required to advertise the employment opening. This can be through the Service Canada Job Bank, Kijiji, or newspapers. It must be advertised for a minimum of 14 days. The purpose is to find a suitable live-in nanny within Canada who are either Canadian citizens or permanent residents. The employer will then receive phone calls and resumes and will interview the applicants. The employer must report the details of this interview process and must explain the reasons for rejection of applicants and other results of the effort to hire. This report must be submitted together with the LMO, contract, bedroom description, and other requirements to Service Canada. This will serve as the justification for the employer to hire a foreign nanny once it has been proven by Human Resource Skills and Development Canada that you were unsuccessful to hire a nanny inside Canada. Below is an example of this report. Note that names are not real and used for illustration purposes only.


To: Service Canada
Temporary Foreign Worker Program
P.O. Box 6500, Toronto LCD
Downsview A, Toronto, ON, M3M 3K4

Dear Sir/Madam:

I posted job advertisements on Kijiji, Craigslists and Job bank websites because I wanted to hire a Live-in Nanny who will take care of my children.

I am looking for a nanny who is trustworthy, reliable, a person whom I’m comfortable with and treat my family especially my children like her own too. My ideal applicant will have a harmonious relationship with my family in order to avoid the possibilities of conflicts for the safety and security of my children. Based on personal experiences of nannies that I and my friends knew, conflicts between the employer and the nanny often lead to termination and release of the employee. Conflicts also cause deterioration of service, quitting the job and looking for another employer.

Below is the list of 5 Live-in Nanny applicants inside Canada that I interviewed. This includes their personal details and the reasons why they were rejected.

1. Name: Vid Yarna

Address: 12 Camelot Knight, Halifax, NS, B3M 4H9, Canada
Contact #: (902) 987 – 6543
Emergency Training: First Aid and CPR – completed 2008
Date Interviewed: July 1, 2012
Job Posting: Kijiji
Reasons why rejected:
Vid has no formal Childcare Training but had experienced babysitting
with her niece and nephews. She’s looking for a job as a Live-out Nanny but I am
looking for a Live-in Nanny so that when I need her during night time or work
overtime she is always there for my children.

2. Name: Clementine Tanduay
Address: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Contact #: (902) 210 – 9876
Formal Childcare Training: Caregiver Course – Philippines
Date Interviewed: July 2, 2012
Job Posting: Kijiji
Reasons why rejected:
Clementine is 30 years old, a Filipino, married with four children. She is under a Live-in Caregiver program and currently looking for an employer. She worked with her Chinese employer and took care of three children for only six months and released her because according to her she was always compared from their previous nanny. I asked to submit her resume with references but no reply so I concluded that maybe she found another employer or not interested with my offer.

3. Name: Holly Ridge

Address: 1234 Lockview Rd. Fallriver, NS, B2T 1J1, Canada
Contact #: (902) 010- 1212
Emergency Training: First Aid and CPR – completed 2011
Date Contacted: July 3, 2012
Job Posting: Kijiji
Reasons why rejected:
I contacted Holly Ridge but she’s not home so I left a message for
her to call me back but she didn’t call back. Maybe she lost interest about the job.

4. Name: Nabby Lang

Address: 0143, New London Court, Brampton, L6Y 4E4
Contact #: 647-765-4321
Emergency Training: None
Date Applied: July 5, 2012
Job Posting: Job bank
Reasons why rejected:
Nabby worked as a Geriatric care taker in home at Brampton, in a mobility store and as a cashier at Food Hut. Based on her resume, she didn’t mention any emergency childcare trainings and childcare experience. Because of the lack of training, I am not comfortable placing my children under a nanny who does not know how to handle and respond in an emergency.

5. Name: Abramlyn Angel
Address: Halifax, NS, Canada
Contact #: (902) 877-0770
Emergency Training: First Aid and CPR
Date Applied: July 7, 2012
Job Posting: Job bank
Reasons why rejected:
Abramlyn is a student at Acadia University. She is enrolled in Academic Support and then changed major to Women and Gender Studies. She is only available full-time from August 1st to 17th, 2012 and available as part-time from September 1st, 2012 to May 1st, 2013. She doesn’t have formal childcare training.

Aside from applicants within Canada I also received few resumes from applicants who live in other countries such as Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, and Cameroon who are willing to leave their home country and move here in Canada. Because the applicants inside and outside Canada did not meet my expectations, I am proposing to your office to hire my sister's friend, Maria Delacruz, as the Live-in Nanny for my children instead of hiring other persons that I still don’t know their personal backgrounds, attitudes, likes, dislikes and personalities. When my sister's friend is the one who will be the nanny of my children I will feel comfortable of the care that she will provide. I have personally known and trusted Maria who was also my high school classmate and my husband's friend who had known her for many years. She is very qualified for the job and meets all my expectations. She finished a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in the Philippines, took Caregiver Course and acquired experience as a nanny. After her contract is finished, I extremely believe she will be an asset in Canada’s workforce because of her profession and dynamic personality.

I hope that you will have kind consideration of my proposal to hire Maria Delacruz as the Live-in Nanny for my children.

Sincerely yours,

___signature____    Date: ____________